Ideas & Aspirations

How data is distributed has a huge impact on not just the producer and consumer of the information. The sheer amount of content being produced also has a negative impact on the time available to comsume it and, more importantly, who it should deliver to.

The ever burning passion is to disrupt digital media with the way it is created, curated and distributed. But where should we begin? Every day, over 50 million status updates are being made on Facebook and let’s not forget the 500+ million Tweets that are being sent daily. So we thought, why not start with social? This is how Soscribe was born…

Inspirations & Influences

We encounter problems on a daily basis. More often than not, what really matters when it comes to how problems can be successfully solved depends by and large on our ability to access the right tools and resources. While some of these problems are more severe or complex than others, arguably, the way we choose to solve each problem can be infinitely variable.

The bottomline is… all problems are solved by our ability to solve them and this is a skill that is just like any other skill where the only way to master it is by practice. In many ways, the steps required to solve problems in the real world are not dissimilar across faculties and industries. Honing our problem solving skills in one area of expertise can indirectly help us achieve success in a different field altogether.

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